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The Poo at the Zoo

The Poo at the Zoo is a rhyming story about unlikely friends who eventually help each other. Oh and there's poo. The hilarious writing is complete, the gorgeous illustrations are complete, the detailed layout is complete. The Kickstarter Campaign is complete and was a roaring success! And now the book is printed and ready to be shipped to YOU!

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Davis (age 5) in Charlotte NC asked "What was the author thinking when she wrote a book about poo?"


Keri's answer "What a great question, Davis! I was driving my car going back to my office and the phrase "the poo at the zoo" popped into my head and I couldn't get it out. At the time, I had been working on book for older kids for about 3 years and I thought - what a great title for a picture book. I love rhyme so my next thought was, what rhymes with poo? I looked it up online and come to find out - a LOT of words rhyme with poo. I decided that my main characters would be a ewe (sounds like "you") and a gnu (sounds like "new") and what an interesting thought to have a tiny little sheep (a ewe) and a very large wildebeest (a gnu) be best friends. I also thought how cool it would be for a girl and boy to have the same name. And guess what also rhymes with poo? Drew!! Yay!


The rest of the process was like solving a puzzle. They discover the poo. Then they need to find out who forgot to use the loo. That gave us a mystery to solve.


It was also fun working with the illustrator to make all these lovely images. We had a blast!!! Tanya and I are working on a video to show everyone how we worked together to make this book so awesome!! And another little tidbit she lives all the way in Germany.  We've never met or even talked on the phone."

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"This book is so funny! And kids are going to love all the animals...and the poo!!"

Addison, 12

“I love it! I wish I'd had this book when my kids were little. I love the imagery, the animals, the rhyming and most of all it says poo!”

Kristi, Mom of three

“The poo is disgusting, but the story is really funny.”

Hannah, 10

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