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About Us

Cloud Juice Publishing was founded to help authors get their voices heard. We focus on children’s books, primarily animal stories with commercial potential, because that’s what we like to read.


Eventually, we hope to help other authors get their stories out into the world - because at CJP we believe everyone has a story to tell.

- Keri Culp, Author -

In 4th grade Keri Culp, won an award for a story she wrote about a little girl who visited all the planets in the solar system. She has been writing ever since. Always obsessed with books from a young age, writing seemed to be the perfect outlet for her many ideas. As she got older she realized that she preferred writing for younger kids as she regards that time in her life as ideal.

“K-4th grade was like a dreamland for me. Just school, dance class, friends and home. No worries about all the grown up stuff that we all seemed to be feverishly sprinting toward. I never really wanted to be an adult. If I’m completely honest, I kind of dislike that I have to be one now.”

- Tanya Panova, Illustrator -

“The first time I read The Poo at the Zoo I was surprised by its simplicity and touched by its humor. One would think, aha, I can do that too if it is that simple! But now I see that its lightness and humor is a result of a lot of hard work. Keri and I have worked closely together to carefully plan each  illustration and we are both very pleased with the result. It has been a pleasure to work with her throughout this process as her words tend to be so different and unpredictable. I am happy I had a chance to work on The Poo at the Zoo, to add something to the funny Ewe, Gnu & Co and to create the space where they live. No doubt this little tale will find its readers and admirers!”

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